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My name is Gaby, I like to draw stuff sometimes but i don't really blog it that much, oops. This is a nonsense personal blog!

I'm into Pokémon, Naruto, Sonic the Hedgehog, Attack on Titan, and Fire Emblem, and I reblog them on a regular basis. May or may not have spoiler tags. Enjoy your stay.

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thank you!!

poptart? don't you mean sodatart?

thank u for the

drag & drop


How did Skype become the most popular IM and call application when it is possibly the most ornery and broken software I have ever willingly interacted with



There are no words to describe how perfect this is.



don’t worry guys, i took care of it.

my favourite part is if kankuro isn’t near the two of them he’s just wearing a shirt that says ‘deeply flawed’ and gaara’s says ‘human being’. incredible.


So Gaara got a lot of things from his father

The rings around his eyes

indentical jutsu

their hair color and style is very alike

even their standing is the same!

So what did Kanuro get you ask?

The only thing Gaara didn´t