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My name is Gaby, I like to draw stuff sometimes but i don't really blog it that much, oops. This is a nonsense personal blog!

I'm into Pokémon, Naruto, Sonic the Hedgehog, Attack on Titan, and Fire Emblem, and I reblog them on a regular basis. May or may not have spoiler tags. Enjoy your stay.

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thank you!!

poptart? don't you mean sodatart?

thank u for the

drag & drop


Colored some of them sketches



i want to put an inspirational message on this picture


me: (has a huge pile of games I haven't played yet)
me: (buys more games)
me: (replays pokemon)


WATCH: iPhone 6 Unboxing


I think I’m drawing too many mega pokes lately haha :’) But I love these two so much…


It’s my duty to post this, since it’s gone from youtube.

Every time Pegasus has ever said “desu”.


Toon Link’s taunts in Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3ds.