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My name is Gaby, I like to draw stuff sometimes but i don't really blog it that much, oops. This is a nonsense personal blog!

My main fandoms are Pokémon, Naruto, Sonic the Hedgehog, Attack on Titan, Evangelion, and Danganronpa, and I reblog them on a regular basis. May or may not have spoiler tags. Enjoy your stay.

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thank you!!

poptart? don't you mean sodatart?

thank u for the

drag & drop


WHy yes, I aM a big fan of the animey. I have seen all of the Classics like Gundom, Orange high school horse CLub; bakemonogatorade„ monica Magical. kids these days with theyre kilt Le Kilt and Attack on Tintin, they do not appreciate quality animatoin.

reblog if you still love GOOd shows like Neon Genesis evengelatin and Boku No Pico/

NARUTO chapter 674 : Naruto & Sasuke vs Madara




"I’m gonna keep smilin’ for you, man.

Even if you’re not around.”

im a wreck im a wreck im a huge sobbing wreck im so sorry

/flies to sun

It’ll be okay, dude.


I think I never told you guys how much I love battle birdies.



Oh no
Knuckles and the Master Diamonds


Thanks to tumblr, this is all I hear when I play this song